Minimize food safety risks using vision AI

Engarda uses vision AI to monitor the environment at food businesses for risks surrounding food safety.

Risks Engarda mitigates

We are working with our partners in food retail and food service industry and building AI models to identify safety risks and notify them upon detection.

Pest activities

A lot of pest activities happen in storages or outside work hours and may go unnoticed. Not with Engarda!

Protective clothing & accessories

It's not always deliberate but in a fast-paced environment, sometimes things fall between the crack and staffs might forget to wear the PPEs.

sanitation & cleanliness

Whether it is BOH or FOH, Engarda keeps track of general sanitary conditions and ensures cleaner and safer environment.

Health & hygiene

Is someone sick, coughing or sneezing? Even if not, are they covering their nose and mouth when it happens?

How does it help your business?

A safe and clean environment is a must for every food business. But without direct visibility, achieving that becomes next to impossible.


Studies shows that more than 9 out of 10 American customers consider cleanliness when deciding whether they will be repeat customers.

minimize business risks

Reduce risks of business closures that could cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue due to non-compliance. Be audit ready, always!

Up your brand value

Incorporate your extra attention to safety in your marketing and build better reputation. Actions speak louder than words!

Better process & programs

Devise more impactful and meaningful safety practices and training programs armed with the insights delivered by Engarda.

What's great about Engarda?

Engarda taps into the video feed of existing cameras and applies advanced AI models trained to detect food safety hazards.

Resolve incidents quickly

Local staff is notified of risks as soon as they are detected so that they can take care of things on the ground immediately!

Insights at your fingertips

Leaders get access to dashboard with historical data allowing them to keep track of safety scores across locations and implement better safety practices.

More power to your cameras

Engarda works with existing camera system and gives you a better return on investments you have already made by extending the cameras' capabilities. Who doesn't like that extra ROI?

What drives us?

Food safety is a topic that impacts every human being on this planet, is almost like a basic human right, costs people, businesses and government billions, maybe trillions, of dollars, gets talked about incessantly. Yet, in this age of data and information, there’s no unbiased view of the ground situation for the very leaders who are in the business of producing, distributing and selling food.We want to change that. We believe that's a problem worth solving!

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